Artful eating

Illustrated recipes of healthful food.

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Jacob Sahertian
Patricia Sahertian
Damian Kelley

We love to watch our shows while eating a meal that was cooked on our treasured old stove. How many meals must have been prepared there? While I love to cook, Jacob doesn’t mind the clean up.

Our beverage specialist, and my son, Damian, is providing us with his expertise in drink pairings for our dishes, which we will be launching soon. His experience in the food industry is a valuable resource, so we hope you enjoy his suggestions.

Our dog, Murray, who never gets any scraps except an occasional piece of a carrot now and then, loves to keep us company. 


With a commitment to not overeat, we have found that having good portion control not only extends our meals for a couple of days, it decreases our waistlines too. 

Thus this blog was born. 

In our effort to eat healthful and low-calorie foods we have been collecting, experimenting, and calculating recipes we find in magazines, cook books and old family favorites. Since we are also artists each recipe will have accompanying artwork because we are drawn to food.