Sweet potato stew: vegan

These are not large servings so if you are hungry eat two. You can also serve this with rice or pasta to add more substance.

Spinach goma-ae: vegan

Traditionally it calls for you to crush your own sesame seeds, but why do that when there is tahini available?

Coconut bread: vegetarian (or vegan)

This bread comes out of the oven with a soft chewy inside and a soft crust. It’s so temping to eat as soon as you take it out of the pan. So go for it.

Pasta: vegetarian

This is a tricky recipe to make as the dough has to be just right or it will either split apart as you try to flatten it in the pasta maker, or it will be mushy and stick to the rollers. You’ll have to experiment until you find the right consistency. But I have to…

Spanish rice: vegan

I learned how to make this recipe in home-economics class in high school and it has continued to be a favorite since. I do vary ingredients and I have to admit the original recipe was made with ground beef instead of beans.

Puff pancake: vegetarian

I really love it with the lemon juice and blueberries, but it’s pretty ok just with some lemon and sugar too.

Zucchini caponata: vegan

I had extra zucchini this week and was tired of my other methods to cook it, so i thought, why not make what is traditionally eggplant, using zucchini? And it worked.

Easy tomato soup: vegetarian

The addition of the buttery roux gives the soup a rich texture. But I think you can also add a bit of creme fraiche instead.

Fennel, beans, and greens soup: vegan

This is a variation on a recipe from the NY Times. I cut back on the oil and garlic. It has a nice mild flavor and is very satisfying. We used mozzarella as suggested but added it to each bowl, about an ounce, then sprinkled with parmesan cheese too.

Pesto lasagne: vegetarian

was just good. The pine nuts from the pesto overpowered the delicacy of the sauce, and the combination just did not work for me.

Pesto: vegetarian or vegan

This is my favorite combination for pesto. The avocado takes place of the heavy oils usually in pesto. I don’t measure my basil and parsley, pretty much an even amount of both, at least a cup full of each. But if I have less, it’s also ok.

Summer squash bake: vegan

This could be made by just grilling the squash, pepper and onion and cooking the potatoes then mixing all together. It’s a nice combination of flavors, no matter how you cook them. You can also double the recipe to serve more people.

Cauliflower steak: vegetarian

This was fun to make, but really it’s much easier to just cut up the cauliflower into florets and pour the dressing over it, mix and roast. Steaks seem to be a fad right now, but does not do anything to add to the flavor or the presentation. We served these with a side of…

Sweet potato and peanut soup: vegan

This dish can be made with any other vegetables than kale, spinach, mixed greens, etc. We had left over arugula, a zucchini, and some salsa from chipotle, I threw that all in the mix as well. We topped each serving with a tbsp of peanuts. It has just enough heat and is very flavorful.

Banana and bean dip: vegan

I used to eat this dip with real sausage meat and was hesitant to try it with veggie meat. This actually came out really good. I used Rao’s arrabbiata sauce, which has a bit of heat, so if you like it spicier, add pepper flakes, or hot sauce.

Irish soda bread: vegetarian

I have made many versions of soda bread before, but this one is the best. It’s moist on the inside and crusty on the outside and I love the raisins and caraway seeds in it.

Orzo with lemon and peas: vegan

Well, this was an experiment and I would do it a bit differently next time. I think that the flavors are very good together, but it needed some sauce or liquid to make it more palatable.

Trahana soup: vegetarian

I have never had trahana before, so I did not know how to cook it, so I read some recipes online and decided to go with something simple. Also there are two kinds of trahana, one made with milk (sweet), one made with yogurt (sour). I have the sweet kind. It’s an ancient pasta from…

Farina cookies (Greek halva): vegetarian

So simple to make. The “cookies” are a traditional favorite in our family, everyone loves them. Instead of making cookies you can just scoop some into a bowl and eat it hot, it’s really just breakfast cereal. The Greeks call this halva, not to be confused with the sweet sesame type you can buy in…

Broccoli curry: vegan

The first time I made this I did not put as many spices in it, only red curry paste. Afterwards I added the other spices and it made all the difference. I also use Rao’s Arribiatta for the tomato sauce.

Pineapple slaw: vegetarian or vegan

We have been making this slaw for years without really measuring the nuts and mayo. This recipe has a good balance of flavors without being overly high in calories.

Crepes: vegetarian

One of my favorite times in my life was visiting Paris with Jacob and buying crepes from a vendor and eating them as we walked on the street. They were folded as illustrated here so the jam or filling would not spill out as you ate them.

Mac and “cheese” (queso sauce): vegan

This is a very tasty substitute for mac and cheese lovers but does not have the creamy fat consistency of cheese. It does have a lot of flavor though. We ate this with grilled zucchini on the side and it was a nice combination of textures.

Potato – tomato salad: vegan

My mom always made “greek” potato salad with hot potatoes. This dish is similar in that the hot potato brings out the flavors of the dressing.

Pad Thai with tofu: vegetarian

I don’t know if this compares with the pad thai we get at our local Thai restaurant, but it’s pretty good. I think that they put some fish sauce in their pad thai.

Greek pasta: vegan

This dish is traditional in greek cooking without the cabbage and with ground beef, and butter instead of oil. It is a family favorite that we converted to vegan

Broccoli and walnuts: vegan

I combined parts of different recipes and experimented with what to add to this dish. Peanuts would make a nice alternative to the walnuts, and sesame seeds would also add a nice flavor.

Cauliflower soup: vegan

Top off this dish with a tbsp of parmesan cheese. Use a rounded pasta like shells or orecchiette. We used conchiglie this time.

Beet burgers: vegetarian

These came out soft and very tasty. I like the outside a bit “burnt” so i cooked them a little longer. You can add nuts in the food processor if you want some extra protein and body.

Red curry: vegan

You can basically use any green vegetables in place of the kale mix, fresh or frozen. We had some left over pasta that we added after. I also think that half an avocado would be really good to add.

Peanut butter cookies: vegetarian

I like my cookies a bit burnt so I leave them just a bit longer. They are so tasty when the are still warm. Depending on how generous you are with your cookie size, this can make about 15 to 25 cookies.

Grilled corn/peach and tomato/bean salad: vegan

Grilling the vegetables and fruit gives a great caramelized flavor to the salad. We enjoyed it when it was first made, but the second day it was even better as the flavors blended and the dressing absorbed into the fruit and vegetables.

Peanut butternut squash soup: vegan

Fresh ginger adds a nice heat to this soup. If you like it spicier, add red pepper flakes after you serve it. The potato adds a nice smoothness to the texture.

Baba ghanoush: vegan

This is an easy no oil recipe that we find delicious. It’s great served with pita bread, rice or a baked potato.

Chocolate hummus: vegetarian

Yummy. This is a tasty dessert and will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure. You can make it vegan by using almond or coconut milk.


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